Link Building Fundamentals Course

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Learn the fundamentals of building quality links to your website with this link building course. In this course, you’ll explore everything you need to get started, prospecting, the outreach process, additional link building methods, and everything else you need to know. This is built with frugality in mind, meaning, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on tools if you don’t have the budget. This course also stresses the importance of proper outreach, which is crucial to building the quality links that will propel your site in the search engine rankings. If you haven’t built any links to your website, or are looking to offer this service to clients, start here and build the fundamental knowledge to replicate and scale!

What's Included in the Course

Over 20 Lessons

Included in the course are over 20 lessons, with more being added. Students of the course get a say in what comes up next, with the ability to add suggestions and vote.


You will receive templates for emails that you can use as inspiration for your outreach campaigns.

Learn link building fundamentals

You will learn how to prospect and qualify websites, how to conduct outreach , and you'll receive a spreadsheet with which to track all your progress and make sense of the data.


You will also get a list of tools you can use to make your link building much more efficient than just going it alone.

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is for just about anyone that wants to learn how to build links to a website. Whether you’re starting out your agency, own a business, or are tasked with in-house SEO for the company you work for. 

This course is not for people who have experience building links. This is a fundamentals course, so if you’ve already built links in the past, safe to say you can pass on this course.

I’ve been in SEO for over a decade and have been either building links, managing the processes, or a mix of it all the entire time. This course came from a desire to help people who didn’t know how to build links or where to start.

Yes, you get 7 days to evaluate and refund the course if it’s just not for you. I only ask that you give me some feedback on what I can improve to make it better so I can earn your business back in the future.

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