Donovic Media’s tailored strategies evolve with, and lead, marketing climates to achieve your most ambitious goals.

We offer customized monthly services to fit your needs. Our services are succinctly laid out, simply, with no hidden fees. Each service we offer is designed to be used both together, or à la carte depending on what your brand needs.

Website Audit

In-depth analysis on the front end and behind the scenes to find what can be improved to make for a better user experience and make your site more favorable to search engines like Google.

Keyword Research

Taking a look at keywords that are relevant and topical to your business via years of experience and specialized tools. With this, we maximize the quality of keywords on your website.

Backlink Analysis

Stay on top of who is linking to you. While quality backlinks are beneficial, some backlinks can actually hurt you.

Local Search Optimization

An especially important method of online marketing for small businesses. This goes beyond making sure you’re listed on sites like Yelp to ensure relevance in your market.

Landing Pages

A landing page has a purpose and an end-goal. Usually meant to convert potential customers into actual customers, landing pages are an effective way to give your site visitors the information they need to quickly make an informed decision.

Lead Magnets

Give your prospective leads something of value in exchange for contact information. There are a variety of methods to create effective lead magnets for your site visitors.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is effective for brand recognition, customer engagement, special offers, and lead nurturing. The proper email marketing campaigns can make all the difference.

Funnel Analysis

A look into the movements and behavior of site visitors, using heatmaps, step-by-step analytic research, funnel research, and more to find out where you’re losing opportunities (as well as your pages that convert the best.)

Website Services

Web Design

We can completely redesign and optimize your site. This includes converting your site into WordPress or new web elements added to your site.

Web Hosting

Designing your site is only part of the process. We can host your site, make it fast, and keep it secure.


If you’re not looking for us to do the work on your site, but want a professional outside opinion, we’ll be right there for you. Get direction that you can trust!

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