Content Marketing

What are people saying about your business and who is saying it? That’s the core of content marketing. From every tweet to Time’s review, every shareable blog post to minor mention… every alluring word adds up. Every. Word. Counts. You need the best content marketing to make the best mark.

People want quality, connectable content, not traditional media buys and force-fed pop-up ads. From relatable tweets, to long-form blog posts to seeing your brand be associated and cited on reputable sources of intrigue and entertainment. Unlike traditional ads, creative content generates organic interest at a fraction of the cost. In fact, content marketing costs about 62 percent less than traditional, outbound marketing, and it can produce three times more leads.

Traditional media has lost its stronghold, and is slipping further into irrelevance daily. While there will always be room for traditional ad behemoths with money to burn, a whopping 70 percent of marketers plan to add more, deeper, longer engaging content in 2018 than they did in 2017.

Although 64 percent of businesses hire outside sources or agencies to help them keep up with the demand for new content marketing campaigns, words often get lost or buried online.

84% of your potential customers prefer learning about your brand through custom content.


To build your brand, create lasting results and turn brand awareness into leads and lasting customers, there’s no room for mediocrity. “Content” should mean more than stringing adequate words together on your site, social media, and PR campaigns. Readers, customers, and leads gloss over the vast majority of the content they are pummeled with, so what makes it resonate?

We are the artists and architects behind myriad content campaigns that stand out, speak up, go viral, spread and inspire. Our secret to success isn’t a secret: it’s how we connect with people. We have a higher caliber of content standards and experience. Our content campaigns are not about checking a box on a “to-do” list, they’re about designing one-of-a-kind, living breathing assets for each brand. We artfully craft each phase of every campaign, tailored for you, from conception to completion.

It starts with:

Content Audit

Success seldom happens by accident, and it depends on many external factors. An ideal business thrives on a blend of creative vision and curated organization. Nothing is more of an indicator than front-facing content. It is essential to strike a balance of engaging, exciting and irresistible with trusted authenticity and integrity. If you look at almost any business or brand’s online presence (aka lifeblood) you will find discrepancies and inconsistencies.

With so many other, pressing components to control, an issue that only expands along with success, right hands don’t always communicate with left hands. With our content auditing, you may be surprised by how many small instances of inconsistencies or gaps-in-potential exist. A content audit is the best kind of audit. The only possible outcome of this type of audit is your online presence getting stronger.

State of The Union

Every business has many moving pieces or spinning plates. In order to ensure the maximum impact of adding new campaigns, some good old fashion “analysis and communication” meetings with your new favorite agency are in order and are a vital step in the content audit process.

Content Analysis

From literally dotting I’s and crossing T’s, to figuratively showing you the best possible way to get eyes on your content from center stage to behind-the-curtains.

78% of customers will trust your brand if you create MORE customized content.


Editorial Calendars

You need a blueprint to build any structure, or chaos ensues; the same goes for content marketing. Your blueprint needs to build a strong, alluring and valuable structure, yet allow for growth and unexpected turns.

Content Curation

All members of an organization can be content curators if you keep an open table for discussion. Content curation is simply when you gather information for the content that’s being created. From a hilarious YouTube video to a serious discussion about issues facing your industry, we help turn every aspect of your world into inspiration for content that moves and shakes.

Content Strategy

If SEO is the science driving your website, then content is the art. The need for fresh, interesting content may be obvious to most, but it’s content strategy that creates the blueprint to make it a reality.

What is Content Strategy?

Content strategy is the blueprint behind the substance of your website. It’s the internal guidelines behind the content you decide to post. These guidelines include:

  • Editorial calendars – These are used by blogs and newspapers alike. An editorial calendar is an organized way to control the content creation process.
  • Curation of content – All members of an organization can be content curators if you keep an open table for discussion. Content curation is simply when you gather information for the content that’s being created.
  • Creation of content – Any form of media that you create originally on-site or off-site is a part of content creation.
  • Promotion of content – The crucial outreach to spread the word about your latest post or piece of content. One can hope that their piece will go viral, but promoting your content is vital.
  • Repurposing of content – Repurposing your content is extremely important. Sometimes the content on your site can be outdated, not long enough, or isn’t speaking to an audience. These are all prime opportunities for content repurposing.

Why Does It Matter?

Your company has something valuable to say, but how exactly are you going to say it? Everything from site content, to blog posts, to social media needs a strategy. A well-thought content strategy gives your voice the vision and guidance it needs to get your company’s word out in a way that will make people want to listen.

We’ll Be Your Content Guides

We’re here to give your content guidance:

  • Create a content vision – This is looking at the big picture. Content strategy is not a generic formula, it’s 100% specific to your brand.
  • Get to know your audience – We’ll listen. Who are you trying to connect with? What have you done in the past in regards to content strategy? We want you to succeed.
  • Review and organize existing content – We want to make sure all content on your site is as good as it can be and optimize it for greater success.

Competitor keyword research

The tools we use look into the words and keywords that your competitors are using that aide in ranking for those target terms that bring traffic to your site.

  • Set goals for the future – We’re here for the long run. We want to be with you every step of the way and set you up for success now and in the future.

Content strategy is extremely unique to each business and its long term goals. That’s why we’ll create one completely custom to you.

Interactive Content

What exactly is interactive content? There are countless long-winded definitions floating around. The concept, however, is much more simple. If you’ve ever visited an aquarium, you notice that most people breeze past the long, text-heavy display posters and captions between tanks. They’re in a mad dash toward the exciting, irresistible touch tank. Starfish, Anemones, Manta Rays. Soft, scaly, course, gelatinous… you remember how they feel on your fingertips. Once you’ve felt them, their facts and features become a lot more interesting. Interaction is at the core of how we function. People don’t want to be “told,” they want to be shown, to touch, to participate, to remember and to share. Some of the exciting ways we can tailor interactive campaigns (some are clearly more B2C-focused, while others B2B).

Types Of Interactive Content

  • Branded Quizzes: Fun quizzes provide a way for visitors to learn about endless topics, while also revealing something fun or interesting about themselves. According to Buzzfeed, 96 percent of users who start a quiz, end up finishing it.
  • Clickable Visual Aids: One of the most read stories the New York Times ever published, wasn’t a story at all. It was a colorful, clickable interactive map that allowed readers to explore differences in dialect in US regions. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the countless ways to integrate interactive aids, such as maps, charts, you name it.
  • Contests and Sweepstakes: Giving potential customers a chance to get to know you via a simple contest or sweepstakes provides unlimited sharing potential, while generating a new inroad to gather a lead base. Additionally, winners offer ongoing, great PR opportunities.
  • E-books and Whitepapers: Depending on your vision, assets like e-books (which can range from branded marketing tips from the experts, insider hacks from your industry, or even something fun and light like a cookbook), both ignite interactions and allow the customer/lead to enjoy the benefits of a “free gift.”

Whether it’s a relevant quiz, a game, contest or sweepstakes, e-book, engaging social media fans, or any other unique interactive creative campaign; visitors need a chance to experience what your brand can do as much as they need to “hear” about it. In fact, 88 percent of marketers say that correctly-instituted interactive content is one of the best ways to differentiate you from your competitors.

Keeping It Interactive

At Donovic Media, our interactive content campaigns act as your “digital touch tanks.” While stand-alone content needs to be a fundamental part of your marketing structure, interactive content adds and enhances every other aspect of your outreach.


The infographic, in some way shape or form, has had a place in society since the printing press. An organized parade of eye-catching images and head-turning factoids… what’s not to love? Buzz, traffic, leads and an excellent ROI. In 2017, as well as the future, infographics are only going to become more integral in making an online mark. They are some of the most clickable, shareable and engaging assets to almost any marketing campaign. In fact, visual assets like infographics, when paired with content, boost information retainment by up to 65 percent.

How Our Infographics Are Created

At Donovic Media, each infographic is built for you and only you. Our infographic services are also more than just creating them. We also take them to forge relationships with major publishers that feature your infographic; ensuring maximum visibility, shareability and the highest potential of viral interest.

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